Distribution of Revenue Allocation to State Governments by Federation Account Allocation Committee

Nigeria Revenue Allocation:

The three tiers of government in the country [Federal, State, and Local Councils] enjoyed an expanded take-home income from the Federal Account Allocation Committee [FAAC] every month. The FAAC shared billions between the Federal, States and Local governments. Nigerians are always curious of how this revenue is allocated and how much is allocated.


  • Develop a tool/dashboard to view current revenue allocations by Federal, State, and Local Councils dynamically.
  • Allow users to view and compare allocation by date and region


  • FAAC, Ministry of Finance, State and Local governments. All Nigerians.


  • Current data is in PDF format at FAAC sites.
  • DDN team converted sample data from PDF to text in order to develop a POC dashboard
  • Built a bar chart in Tableau as proof of Concept to determine a need for the tool.

What Happened:

  • We are working with FAAC as data owner to get a direct data feed of quality data.


  •  Pending. Waiting for feedback for FAAC if data is available and if the project is viable or useful to Nigerians.
  • Accepting Resumes for the project.

Help/Skill needed:

  • Data miners, Data Visualization Developer, Excel, Tableau, Power BI, Data enthusiast.


Please let us know what you think.

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  • Andre

    Good post. When is the tool going to be ready?

    • admin

      The tool is slated to debut by August 2017

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