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Federal government, 0n 22nd June 2017 unfolded the Fiscal Sustainability Plan, FSP, and the 36 States and all local govt in the Federation to implement the policy as a precondition to attract further loan.
The FSP is a disciplined approach to managing public funds, ensuring the maximization of revenues and the minimisation of the costs of governance.
Unfolding the policy in Abuja, Minister for Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun at stakeholders’ meeting held with States’ Commissioners of Finance on the FSP said it replicates the far-reaching public financial management reform programme across all tiers of government and marks a turning point in the management of State Finances.
Indicating that States have already agreed to the path of FSP as a precondition to benefiting from further loan from the FG, the finance minister said “By agreeing that further financial support under this guaranteed loan package, is conditional upon independently verified attainment of the 22 milestones, the State Governors are to be commended.

The finance minister explained that “when fully implemented, the FSP will begin the process of guaranteeing that States take responsibility for their financial viability; pursuing the objective that Internally Generated Revenue, IGR, rather than Federal Allocation, should be their principal focus of revenue is a fundamental change in approach.

Develop a tool/dashboard to view current revenue allocations by Federal, State, and Local Councils dynamically.
Allow users to view and compare allocation by date and region
Ministry of Finance, State, and Local governments. All Nigerians.

Researching viability of the project. Contacted Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun. Waiting for response.

 Pending. Waiting for feedback for Ministry of Finance if data is available and if the project is viable or useful to Nigerians.

Accepting Resumes for the project.
Help/Skill needed:
Data miners, Data Visualization Developer, Excel, Tableau, Power BI, Data enthusiast.

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